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ARC Marketing Rebranding

The company was at a point where significant revisions needed to be made to the marketing materials as acceptable language in the literary education sphere is constantly changing. This created an opportunity to revise the company branding along with the language, as many of these materials were outdated and did not have cohesive branding.

This began with reviewing all marketing materials and flag language that needed to be updated and working with the team to create a cohesive redesign for the branding that is sleek, modern, and easy to update.

We used a collaborative Excel file to keep track of each piece of marketing, what language has been flagged, and the status of the piece in the update process. I assigned the tasks of making the updates to the team using the JIRA ticketing system. Meanwhile, I was the lead on creating the branding redesign, creating the pitch presentation to upper management for their approval, and once approved training the other designers on the new branding guidelines.

The result was cohesive branding reflective of today’s design trends while still adhering to the company’s core aesthetics and content that did not contain problematic language that the sales team could feel confident presenting to prospective customers.

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